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Benefits of Spring Resorts Communities

Benefits: Resources
Image by Micheile Henderson

Providing Financial Security 

Access versus Ownership of Peripheral Items

  • Changing the perceived need for things from one of “ownership” to one of “access” in order to drive savings

Luxury living at an affordable price

  • Offering a 40% savings on market rates

  • Equal partners and owners have the opportunity to enjoy luxury and affordability, while benefiting from our savings, coupled with organic dining, state of the art amenities, discovering your new life with other similar members and living the retired life you always dreamed of


Healthy and Active Lifestyle

Engage with the Community

  • ​Focuses on the importance of Social Connectivity (relationships, belonging), staying engaged, staying healthy and with enormous pride helping our veterans

Follow Your Passions

  • ​A Talent Exchange Program will enable residents to engage in their hobbies and pastimes with peers, family and friends

  • Golf Initiatives directed for the youth in our communities

Staying Fit (mentally and physically)

  • Studies show that being social and part of a community have a tangible benefit on the mental and physical aging process. For example, you can take classes at our pilates classes which Improves balance, coordination and circulation. 

Fostering Social Responsibility

We are a not-for-profit corporation

  • An approach that aims to solve social and environmental challenges while generating financial return and helping our veterans and seniors 

Sustainable building methods and materials

  • Our values are focused on green design having minimal impact on the environment

We practice benevolence

  • This expands on the idea created by socially responsible companies (Patagonia, MEC, Walmart, etc.) to impose a tax on their sales in order to support social and environmental initiatives

  • Initiate the Abandon Youth Program to help abandon youth in the streets  

Not measurable in dollars and cents are the many physical, emotional and intellectual gains achieved by experiencing an enriching lifestyle that health professionals say is necessary to promote suicide prevention and wellness.
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