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  Spring Resorts Universal is proud to offer a first commitment reservation to USA military personnel who are planning their retirement, or seek to help those members of their family who are preparing to retire.

We offer not only luxury, resort style units, but also a sense of community, justice and benevolence never before seen in our society. Our community has a large never seen before custom indoor mall with every amenity a retiree could want, as well as the chance to travel to our other resorts worldwide. We all know that housing prices are rising, the cost of education is escalating to an untenable point, and the prospect of retiring in your own city is becoming more and more difficult due to the cost of living,  versus income and savings ratio. Imagine a community that offers inventive opportunities, where veterans and civilians can choose specific towers to live in with other members who have had the same professions. Veteran and Civilian towers can also be mixed with each other and don't necessarily mean a tower for each profession.



Veteran Towers 

Here are a few examples of the types of towers you will find, these are not limited to only 10. 


Image by Bao Menglong


Soldiers and Helicopter


Image by Thomas Park


Image by Jen Theodore





Civilian Towers

Police Car


People Working in Open Office

Civil Service

Emergency Vehicles

First Responders



Nurse Taking Notes



This will provide a sense of familiarity to reminisce with others, make the transition easier, cure isolation to reduce suicides, and increase engagement resulting in brain cell augmentation and extended health. These custom malls and luxury living communities are what veterans and retirees need as they are  the most deserving for what they provided for us in their past

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