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Veterans & Seniors

A place to enhance the quality of life

for all seniors 

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Our Mission

Spring Resorts Universal is a passionate community for interaction, healthy discussions, and learning. Connecting  Veterans and Seniors with the whole of society in a meaningful way to enable and enhance their overall health and financial well-being. At Spring Resorts communities our mission for all members is to provide unmatched savings, helping veterans transition to a civilian life and aim to reduce senior isolation and elderly suicide rates.  

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Our Vision

A world where all veterans and seniors are valued and engaged members of society, able to live with dignity, pursue their passions, and make meaningful contributions that draw from, and build on, their unique capabilities and experience, in our talent exchange programs.

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Our Goal 

To help address the many challenges faced by our veterans and seniors, by offering them the opportunity to be part of a collaborative, cooperative, community based luxury development.

What is Spring Resorts?

A place that captures seniors and veterans interests and blends it into a resort living community, using sustainable building methods and materials.

Now that we have released seniors from their isolation and captured their interests, it's time to reward our veterans and seniors for their service.

Why are Spring Resorts Communities Needed?

There is a growing problem with psychological issues related to senior isolation, including difficulties veterans are having transitioning into a civilian life.   

This can even lead to suicides.

Amenities such as grocery stores, community reference centres, shopping centres and others, can be a far distance away for veterans and seniors,

which can lead to increased risks and injuries. 


The need for Self Governance

Veterans and retirees are in need of a luxurious senior  community. Spring Resorts is dedicated to bringing this basic societal need into the hands of all retired people.   

The mission of Spring Resorts aligns with the

President's  campaign.

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What will make US Veterans and retirees the happiest?






Ease of transition in to a civilian life

Veterans and seniors need a place/community where they can grow and call their home 

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